Publication d’un article pour Anne Tremblay-Gratton

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Anne Tremblay-Gratton, Maîtrise, U. Laval

Supervision : Grant Vandenberg (U. Laval), Nathalie LeFrançois (Biodôme de Montréal)

Collaborateur : Éric Tamigneaux (École des pêches et de l’aquaculture du Québec)

Voici le titre et le résumé de l’article publié par Anne Tremblay-Gratton dans le Journal of Applied Phycology :

Bioremediation efficiency of Palmaria palmata and Ulva lactuca for use in a fully recirculated cold-seawater naturalistic exhibit: effect of high NO3 and PO4 concentrations and temperature on growth and nutrient uptake

Tremblay-Gratton, A., Boussin, JC., Tamigneaux, É. et al.

The bioremediation capacities of Palmaria palmata and Ulva lactuca for removing dissolved nutrients in a cold-seawater fully recirculated ecosystemic representation of an estuarine aquatic habitat were evaluated. The seaweeds were cultured in the laboratory based on environmental conditions observed in a large-scale aquarium representing the marine ecosystem of the Gulf of Saint-Lawrence (Québec, Canada), i.e., salinity of 24 PSU, 5 and 10 °C, and under three combinations of high nitrate (NO3 −) and phosphate (PO4 3−) concentrations (2865:195, 3570:242, and 4284: 291 μM). Neither nutrient levels nor temperature significantly changed nitrate and phosphate uptake rates (0.65 ± 0.15 and 1.76 ± 0.59 mg N gDW−1 day−1 and 0.14 ± 0.11 and 0.32 ± 0.21 mg P gDW−1 day−1 for P. palmata and U. lactuca, respectively). Growth rate of P. palmata was independent of temperature and nutrient concentrations with a mean of 0.64 ± 0.18% FW day−1. Ulva lactuca expressed its highest growth rate (2.81 ± 0.72% FW day−1) at 10 °C and intermediate nutrient concentration. C/N ratio was < 10 for both species before and after the experiment, indicating tissue nutrient enrichment possibly limiting nutrient uptake and growth. Under cold temperatures and high dissolved nutrient concentrations, U. lactuca is the leading candidate for bioremediation.

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