It is important to note that files received after sending the application to the granting organization cannot be studied.
A reasonable period of two weeks, minimum, before submitting the request is requested.

We offer a series of financial supports intended for the hiring of qualified personnel or post-docs for joint research projects between at least 2 members of the RAQ, including a university member.

Here is the grid of retailers with the amounts available according to the annual project budget submitted:

  • $6K/year for a project of $50K/year and less
  • $12K/year for a project over $50K/year

In order to benefit from these funds, you must absolutely submit your request for support to us before submitting your project to the granting organization.
To do this, simply write to us at mentioning:

  • How this project fits into our research areas
  • What is the annual budget of the project
  • Which members of the RAQ are associated with this request

Don’t forget to attach your request (even if it’s just a draft). The breakdown of RAQ funds must appear in this request.

A letter will be given to you to attest to the RAQ’s support for this project and payments will be made each new financial year. It should be noted that the granting of funds remains conditional on the maintenance and renewal of financial support from the FRQNT.

Mandatory deliverables:

  • The RAQ must be mentioned in acknowledgments and in the communications related to the project. You can use our collection of logos
  • At the end of the project, you will be asked for a summary of the highlights accompanied by photos and/or videos.

Are you a new member of the RAQ? Find out about our seed funding.