As a student member of RAQ, you are eligible to obtain these three scholarships each financial year.

Fill out the corresponding form and send it to at least 2 weeks before the event.

Requests that do not meet this deadline will not be processed.

Application for scholarships: Plan COVID-19

Bonus for scientific publication ($500)

Eligibility requirement:
  • You must be the first author of an article in one of the RAQ themes, and the study must have been done in collaboration with a researcher who is a member of the network.

  • Your article must be accepted or published in a peer-reviewed journal.

  • You should mention RAQ in the acknowledgements.

Premium for plain-language science communication

  • Written plain-language article
    Fill out the online form

    You are eligible for a bonus of up to jusque 500$ depending on the target and scope of your plain-language article describing your research in one of the RAQ themes. The amount awarded will be based on the scope of your communication: provincial, national, or international (Example).

  • Oral plain-language communication
    Fill out the online form

    You can claim a 100$ grant by making a video presenting your research in one of the RAQ themes. This video could have been broadcast as part of an external project or simply be intended for distribution within our network.

    Video constraints
    • Duration of 1–3 minutes maximum
    • Introduce yourself (name/first name, level of study, program or field of research)
    • Mention your network membership
    • Present your research project (research question, objectives, location, method, scientific and societal contribution, etc.)